Are Online Casinos Safe From Fraud?

Artifacts were discovered by anthropologists which showed that gambling was present during ancient times. Records unveiled by experts proved that gambling was a form of entertainment and relaxation in ancient civilizations such as Persia and Egypt.

The prevalence of gambling is still observed nowadays. Statistics gathered by experts as well as social analysts showed that there is an increasing population of gamblers from around the world. Many people view gambling as their way of releasing tension and stress experienced at works and homes.

The increasing popularity of gambling led to the creation of online casinos. Online casinos are also referred by computer users as virtual or Internet casinos. The development of online casinos has improved the number of people attracted to gambling because online casinos are very accessible to computer users.

The three types of online casinos are Web-based online casinos, Download-based online casinos and Live-Based casinos. Web-based online casinos refer to Web sites that enable computer users to participate in any gambling games in casinos without the need for downloading any software to the local computer. On the other hand, clients of Download-based casinos should download software in order to access online casino games. Lastly, Live-Based casinos enable users to communicate or interact with other players as well as dealers.

Online casinos offer different games such as online slot games, online poker, blackjack and roulette. The growing number of people being involved in online casinos led to investigations conducted concerning fraudulent activities related to internet gambling. Experts found fraudulent online casino and player behaviors.

Manifestations of fraudulent online casino behavior are refusal to pay the winnings of the player as well as the development of cheat software. On the other hand, an example of a fraudulent player behavior is the use of several identities just to receive multiple bonuses offered by a Web site to online casino players.

Just like any other forms of entertainment, the development of online or Internet casinos have advantages and disadvantages. Online casinos are more accessible to people. However, since less face to face interactions exist in online casinos, this led to the creation of different fraudulent activities. Hence, it is necessary that computer users identify the history of the Web sites. It is also important that gamblers ask other people if they heard any news or reports claiming that the particular site or online casino software commit scams and other illegal acts that require the immediate attention of authorities.

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